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No one agree with us that it sounds like hip-hop" Bangalter recalled that the kick drum had previously been used in their track "Alive", and they decided to use it a second time.

The riff featured prominently in "Da Funk" was originally a siren sound, but was changed to reflect the "gangsta rap" aesthetic they were trying to achieve.

Donald Trump’s daughter, who is a White House advisor, has claimed she went through a “punk phase” as a teenager.

That Malcolm Mc Laren's death has made such an impact should not come as a surprise, as it reinforces the privileged place that punk had and still has on our national consciousness.The single received a boost in popularity when The Chemical Brothers incorporated it into their live shows.Subsequently the British duo's song "Life Is Sweet" was remixed by Daft Punk for a single release in August 1995.The revelation has sparked a torrent of memes and people have both relished in pondering what she would have looked like as a punk and sharing photos of her as a young girl looking as far from punk as humanly possible.Others have been keen to point out Nirvana were, in fact, a grunge band which emerged out of the Seattle grunge band and listening to them does not constitute as a punk phase. One time in 1996 she ate her salad with an oyster fork," quipped one critic.

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